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Cut costs not quality - Wedding Stationary Edition

I'm here to help you cut costs not quality. My mission is to help the cost conscious bride and groom make their wedding look and feel amazing without paying the earth.

I have got so much value to add for you here so I'm going to split cutting costs not quality into sections over the coming weeks and months. First up, wedding stationary.

  1. Photo or Video Invites

Your wedding is about you, people want to see your faces. Why not use the footage from your engagement shoot as an e-invite for your guests. Photo is lovely and video will take it up a level -either way this will cost you less than paper invitations. Especially if you use the same photographer or videographer you are using for your wedding as often they will include pre wedding shoots at a discounted rate. You can transfer your footage to paperless post (as shown below)

2. Use the same supplier for invitations and wedding stationary

You will absolutely save your pennies if you ask your invitation company to also organise your on the day stationary too. This may be a bit daunting as you may not have the design nailed but you can agree with them a all in one package to do everything so it reduces your costs overall. Gorgeous table plan below by the very talented E.Y.I. LOVE

3. RSVP Online

We did this for our wedding, in my opinion it is unnecessary for people to RSVP using envelopes. If you have a wedding website direct guests to that, if not just set up a free email where people can respond too. You can use this for dietaries and any special requirements also so everything is kept in one place.

4. Don't personalise your invites

Personalising your invitations costs a lot. I'm all about personalisation in the right areas, but on an invitation in my opinion doesn't add any value. There can be ambiguity in certain circumstances when you are sending an invtation where the parents are invited but not the children for example. A way to get around this is to pop guest names on the envelope. You could even do this yourself with a simple mail merge. Here is a simple video from microsoft on how to do it.

Photo above courtesy of

5. Wedding website

Directing people straight to your wedding website is a great all in one option. Why not include a cute back story to how you met and any other information that will really set the scene of your wedding. A wedding website is a great all in one option that can collate as much guest info as required. You could also pop on your gift registry also. This will take a huge chunk out of your wedmin by keeping everything in one place.

I hope you have picked up some useful tips here. Please do reach out if you want us to help plan this for you, Email

R x


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