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How to celebrate your original wedding date in lockdown

You have made the difficult decision to postpone your wedding due to the virus that has turned all our worlds upside down. Many of my clients and friends have gone through the painful process of moving their wedding date so I totally empathise with all the difficulties you are going through. With that being said, I think it is still so important to celebrate your original wedding date and treat yourself during this rocky time. Below are my 10 tips to celebrate your wedding date in lockdown.

1. But first…Cake!

What’s a celebration without cake? You may decide to really treat yourself and have a delicious wedding cake by a cake maker like the uber talented Whisk & Drizzle or you may wish to indulge in some delicious sweet treats like the delicious cookies from Blondies Kitchen. Either way, your original wedding date is not a day to watch the calories!

2. Capture it

What a lovely opportunity to have some gorgeous couple shots with your other half. You can still respect social distancing with photographers taking shots from a far and the photos will give you lovely memories to look back on from your original wedding date

3. Virtual Cocktail Hour

What’s a celebration without having a few cocktails. Why don’t you treat yourself and order a cocktail making kit from the wonderful Liquid Chefs UK (based in London) or Jonny Cocktail (based in Manchester). Having a virtual cocktail hour is a great opportunity to invite friends and family if you want them to feel a part of your day

4. Enjoy a fancy meal

Treat yourself to some delicious food without the endless washing up that comes with lockdown. There are so many incredible caterers and restaurants offering contactless deliveries. The Artisan Cookery is one of my recent favourites offering fined boxed catering with everything from afternoon tea platters to middle eastern treats

5. Dress to impress

Part of a brides disappointment is having to delay wearing their wedding dress. So brides, you really do owe it to yourself to splurge on something new for this extra special date night. Whether it’s a fancy dress or satin pyjamas, push the boat out and buy something nice. You deserve it!….and groom’s, lets not forget about you, buy something equally special to mark the occasion

6. Special words

Your original wedding date is a beautiful time to share all your hopes and dreams with your partner and maybe some vows or promises that you wanted to include on your big day. Take advantage of the opportunity that this will just be the two of you. Trust me, on your actual wedding day there are not many chances you will get to do this, so seize the moment!

7. Music

Create a spotify playlist with your favourite hits, maybe include some sentimental songs to help you go down memory lane

8. Flowers

I mean I just love flowers and odds are you do too. There are so many incredible florists sending contactless flower deliveries. Bloom & Wild are an amazing platform who offer letterbox flower deliveries from incredible independent florists. Decorate your space with beautiful flowers to make it extra special and don’t forget to add some beautiful candles to enhance the romantic atmosphere

9. Gifts

A lovely tradition a lot of couples do on their wedding day is to buy each other gifts. No need to massively splurge on this (you can save this for the big day) but why don’t you buy each other a thoughtful gift to show your partner how much you mean to them

10. Get Excited

Finally, it is so important to get excited about your upcoming wedding. Discuss with your partner all the things you are excited for about your wedding day and why don’t you get that chalk board out and start a new count down.

Brides & Grooms, you’ve got this!

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